Day 16 – Foncebadón > Ponferrada (~23km)

We survived some pretty horrible weather ascending to the iron cross (1504m) before a long 19km descent into Ponferrada. We left at 7:40am in 0°C temperatures and an unrelenting wind gusting to 60km/hr. We left our stones at the Cruz de fierro before arriving in Manjarin where the now infamous Tomas (the last Templar knight) […]

Day 13 – Leon > San Martin del Camino (~26km)

Our first day after our rest was our longest yet. A challenging 26km walk through the north west edge of the Spanish meseta. We left Leon at 7:30am in 3°C temperatures and by 11am it was in 25°C under a scorching sun. The kids were is great spirits despite the stifling sun as we kept […]

Day 11 – Agés > Burgos (~22km)

I finally managed to get my Relive account reconnected to my Suunto account last night. Today’s walk started out beautifully but the last 10km were quite miserable as we walked through the suburban sprawl that leads into Burgos. The kids stayed positive and Kai even managed to find a flower to give to Renee Ng […]

Day 10 – Tosantos > Agés (~23km)

Our walk started in foggy, wet conditions as we ascended a steep rocky slope onto a plateau that spans to San Juan de Ortega. The kids have come a long way in the last week and showed quite a bit of mental and physical strength on the long climb. The skies cleared after 2 hours […]

Day 9 – Grañón > Tosantos (~20km)

We decided to take it easier today and stop in the tiny village of Tosantos. Nearby, there is a cave hermitage built in a cliff face and after some rest and laundry, we’ll head up to visit it.Two more days until Burgos where we’ll take an extra rest day. Kids are feeling great and I […]

Day 8 – Azofra > Grañón (~22km) Pop. ~300

A A third consecutive 21+km walk and everyone is feeling tired but strong. Tonight we stay in a the tower of the church of San Juan Bautista (construction started 1537). Kai somehow managed to find a chess set amongst the books and other discarded things pilgrims left behind. We are looking forward to the communal […]

Day 7 – Navarette > Azofra (~23km)

Another long day in Spanish wine country that was topped off with 6km walking into a 60km/hr head wind. Grateful the kids maintained a good attitude despite the wind and big mileage. We cooked a communal dinner with new friends and Kai even managed to find a chess set and an opponent (a gentleman from […]