Kai’s Camino Journal

By Kai – May 14th”When I start walking ny first step at the camino de santeigo, I thought the holl intire way it would be easy but after the day of walking I felt like my feet were dying. But when I got to the seventh or eighth day the feeling past away and I felt beter. While I was on the Camino de santeigo I saw alot of churches. On the churches i saw these birds called storks . They make big nests that could fit me in one. I slept in one of the churches in Granon. I found a chess bourd there. I said to my dad is that a chess bourd and my dad said I don’t think so. Then I said just bring it down from there daddy. Then daddy said it is a chess bourd. Than I found the peieces in the cupboard that the chess board was on. Than I played against my dad after my bath and destroyed him and after I played my sister Keira and beat her too. Than I played Sam from Thunder Bay in Canada but we didnt get to finish the game because there was mass. Mass is when you pray.”