Day 25 – O Pedrouzo > Santiago de Compostela (~20km)

We made it!

We left Pamplona on May 2nd and after 25 days – 528km by foot + 179km (by car from Burgos > Leon), we arrived in Santiago de Compostela yesterday. The Camino is life compressed into a few weeks and we are so grateful we were able to experience this adventure with our kids. There were a few tears, a few complaints, inpromptu stories, endless Harry Potter, Marvel and Star Wars trivia, sore feet and tired legs but they persisted and with the exception of only a couple of kilometers, they carried their packs which contained all their essentials the entire way. They are more capable than even we dared to imagine. Tomorrow we head to Finisterre, the ‘end of the world’ where we will complete our journey before heading north east to Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastian before south to Barcelona and then home.

2 thoughts on “Day 25 – O Pedrouzo > Santiago de Compostela (~20km)

  1. Hey NGs,
    What an amazing adventure!
    Congratulations to you all for this spectacular endeavour.
    We’re so proud and envious of you all, specially Kai & Keira! If they could do this at their ages, can’t wait to see what they’ll do in the future. We miss you guys & can’t wait to hear more first-hand stories when you get back!
    With love,
    Eli, Armin, Rahim, Bahareh

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