Day 22 – Portomarin > Palais de Rei (~26km)

The kids were feeling great this morning and started the day at an unusually quick pace. Renee has been nursing sore knees so we let them take the lead while I stayed in between to keep an eye on them. They spent the first 6 km chatting with each other and with pilgrims (most of whom they were passing). It was a rare hour of peace and tranquility between siblings.I’ve been carrying Renee’s pack on the descents for the past couple of days to prevent any further aggravation of her knee pain and spent most of the day walking alone. The Camino is extremely well marked, especially at this late stage of the route so the kids had little trouble navigating it. Lots of fellow pilgrims have take time to chat with them and I think the encouragement helps them maintain a positive attitude.We are in Palais de Rei now and the kids are already showering. Once we are all washed up we will fill our hungry bellies, then take a nap.With only three more days before Santiago, Renee and I are beginning to plan for the trip to Finisterre. Our original plan was to walk the 90km to the coast but we may need to abbreviate the walk and take advantage of the days we’ve gained with our faster than expected pace and head to the north coast to visit Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastian before heading south to Barcelona.

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