Day 21 – Sarria > Portomarin (~22km)

We have been extremely fortunate to enjoy unseasonably warm, dry weather in Galicia the past few days. We made our way out of Sarria in the fog this morning and immediately noticed all the new pilgrims who had joined the Camino overnight. Most were extremely kind so there we no shortage of new people to chat with. The Way from Sarria to Santiago is dotted with small towns and rest stops every 2km so there is no shortage of places to take a break and leave a few Euro. A few years at the Camino was designated a UNESCO world heritage site and the Spainish government and the regional governments have made significant investments to draw in pilgrims.The Camijo has changed quite the bit since the last two times I walked it. Social media and smartphones have certainly contributed to many of the changes, both for better and worse.The one thing that hasn’t changed are the pilgrim’s menus. Spanish food can be wonderful but the food offered to pilgrims on the Camino is for sustenance and not much else. I can’t wait to get back to Barcelona for some proper Spanish fare.

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