Day 20 – Triacastela > Sarria

Today we enjoyed a relatively easy stroll into Sarria. The walk was mostly through rolling hills with few residents except a few remaining small dairy farms.The kids are becoming Camino celebrities with new people approaching us everyday asking if we are the family from Canada (word has spread along the Way) and some even ask to take our photo to share with family and children back home. We haven’t met any other children along the Camino so our kids are an oddity. Kai enjoys the attention while Keira seems indifferent.Sarria is the common start point for Spanairds who walk the Camino. In order to earn one’s Compostela, a pilgrim must walk at least 100km to Santiago and Sarria about 115km and the largest town that is more than 100km away. Up to this point we have been approximately 100 pilgrims on the Way but we are expecting an additional 300-400 people to depart from Sarria tomorrow.

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