Day 19 – La Faba > Triacastela (~27km)

Our longest day on the Camino took us up and over O’Cebreiro and through a few more steep ascents before a long steady descent into Triacastela, the first town we’ll sleep in while in the region of Galicia. Total elevation gain and loss of almost 2000 meters was challenging but we managed to complete the hike in just under 5 hours and 15 min. This is remarkable considering what our average pace was two weeks ago. The human body is incredible and capable of significant adaption in a relatively short period of time. The kids are in amazing shape, Keira is a locomotive, steady and consistent in her pace whether it is the first km of the day or the 27th. Kai still struggles with boredom but when he’s in a good mood, he’s able to run through tough climbs and descents.

We have exhausted our knowledge base of Happy Potter and Marvel Cinematic Universe trivia to keep the kids mentally engaged. Renee is a masterful story teller but has been fighting a sore throat and congestion the past few days so we’ll have to come up with something else to keep them occupied for the next few days.

Santiago de Compostela is less than 150km from Triacastela and we’ve now walked over 390km. We expect to arrive in Santiago in 6 days (7 if we take a rest day) which should leave us enough time to walk (at least part of the way from Santiago to Finisterre).

Time to refuel and rest.

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