Day 13 – Leon > San Martin del Camino (~26km)

Our first day after our rest was our longest yet. A challenging 26km walk through the north west edge of the Spanish meseta. We left Leon at 7:30am in 3°C temperatures and by 11am it was in 25°C under a scorching sun. The kids were is great spirits despite the stifling sun as we kept them feed (on the hour) and hydrated. Renee’s parents gave the kids cooling towels which are very effective but needed to be re-soaked every 30-40min.

We have another day in the meseta tomorrow before arriving in Astorga. I think we did the right thing by abbreviating our Camino by skipping most of the meseta. While our kids are strong, the risk of heat stroke is very real. This will also give us a chance to walk the additional 90km from Santiago de Compostela to Finisterre.

Amazing how a popsicle and a hammock aid in recovery.


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