Day 10 – Tosantos > Agés (~23km)

Our walk started in foggy, wet conditions as we ascended a steep rocky slope onto a plateau that spans to San Juan de Ortega. The kids have come a long way in the last week and showed quite a bit of mental and physical strength on the long climb. The skies cleared after 2 hours and we enjoyed clear sunny conditions for the rest of the day. Earlier this week, I would walk ahead at a brisk pace after our lunch stop to ensure we found beds for the night. This final push would often be 5-8km long and this gave Renee Ng and the kids a chance to walk the final stage at their own, unhurried pace. I would grab rations after checking in to the albergue and run back to resupply the troops. For the past two days, Kai was able to stay with me for the last push and often set the pace. Keira and Renee were only a few minutes behind us today (earlier in the week I would double back 2-3km to help bring them home). It’s amazing how their bodies and minds have responded to the challenge. We arrive in Burgos tomorrow and we’ll spend an extra day in the city to rest and make our plan for the push to Santiago de Compostela and then Finisterre. We will have to take a train to abbreviate our walk through the meseta if we want to make finish the walk before our flights home in early June.


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